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The Gadget Show Live, now in its seventh year, is an opportunity for brands big and small to showcase consumer electronics new to the market and for the latest developments and glimpses of ground-breaking products to be revealed. The show will be full to the brim of everything that is now, and UK company AlcoDigital is proud to announce they will be a part of it for the first time in 2015, bringing along with them their new partner, racing champion, bestselling author and former Stig, Ben Collins.

The show sees AlcoDigital and Ben launch the UK's largest range of Breathalyzers, with no less than NINE models to choose from starting with the value-for-money AlcoDigital AL2500 Elite (just £39.95) up to the UK's most accurate Personal Breathalyzer, the AlcoDigital 3000 (outright winner of the What Car? Breathalyzer test) which uses exactly the same sensor and technology as those used by the UK Police.

This brand new and exciting range of AlcoDigital Breathalyzers for both the consumer and Prosumer market also includes three models with click in, click out user-replaceable sensors - a feature unique to AlcoDigital, who are the only company in the UK to offer such devices (all other Breathalyzers have to be returned each year to the dealer for servicing).

Said Ben: "Partnering with AlcoDigital is a natural fit for me. Alongside my books I thoroughly enjoy my work as an inspirational speaker at schools and events, teaching others about driver safety. I am delighted to be working with a brand whose main goal is to make a difference to road safety in the UK."