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Single Use Breathalyzers
Ideal for promoting Safety Culture      -      Low Cost      -      Use in conjunction with Certified Random Testing

Random Testing with Certified Digital Testing equipment is an integral part of any Drug & Alcohol Policy, but it only works at base.  How do you help your colleagues to ensure they dont even leave home if they are unfit to drive?

AlcoCheck Single Use Breathalyzers are the perfect low-cost method to help encourage responsibility and ensure noboduy has any excuse for arriving for duty whilst unfit to do so.

Certified for use in France under the new French NF Regulations, unlike blow-through tubes (such as "BreathScan") that do not utilise a bag, the AlcoCheck bag ensures an exact and equal air sample every time. If you don't know the volume of the sample that has been blown through the tube, the results is meaningless.
By asking your colleagues to be alcohol-free, you can help ensure they are fit and capable not just for the drive to work but also when they arrive.   Their productivity, demeanour and performance will all be the better for arriving perhaps a little tired, but at least without the affects of alcohol still in their body.
Low Cost - from just 1.99p each Encourage Responsible Drinking Help keep the roads safe in the mornings
Emphasise your Safety Culture Improve productivity the next day Demonstrate a Duty of Care

Order your Single Use Breathalyzers now

(0.02% BAC - UK Pilot, or "Zero Impairment" limit)

(0.05% BAC - French NF Approved)

(50mg/l - New Scottish limit)

(0.08% BAC - English/Welsh motorist limit)

Single Kit @ £ each Single Kit @ £ each Single Kit @ £ each Available for bulk purchase, please enquire.

Buy Two @ £
(£2.49 each)

Buy Two @ £
(£2.49 each)

Buy Two @ £
(£2.49 each)

Advice on what type of kits to order
We STRONGLY recommend the 0.02% "Pro" kits - which are also NF approved for France.   They are currently the same price as the others, but they are the only Single Use breathalyzers in the World to be NF certified by the French Government at this level.  Also known as the "zero impairment" level (see below), in the UK it applies to Airline Pilots, Train Drivers and Maritime workers. Any alcohol in the blood above 0.02% can impair judgement and slow reaction times -  especially when combined with a hangover, lack of sleep & dehydration and while the 0.08% tubes do indiciate at the maximum UK limit, as can be seen below this is now the highest in Europe and far above the level at which a driver is impaired by alcohol and therefore unsafe.  The new Scottish Single Uses are ideal for morning-after use "North of the Border"!!
How do they work?
The tubes are supplied with a bag which the user inflates with a single breath.  They then connect the tube, and expel the air from the bag through the tube.  After 2 minutes, they can read the result by looking at whether the green colouration has passed the line:

Accuracy of  the results
The kits are accurate enough to pass French NF Government testing, but one of the reasons we recommend the use of 0.02% tubes is because Single Use breathalyzers are not always that easy to read without practice.

However, if the line on the tube is set to 0.02% - one quarter of the maximum UK motoring limit - and the user misreads it slightly, they should still be legal and in all probability virtually unimpaired.  If on the other hand you provide them with a kit set to the UK limit (0.08) and they misread the tube slightly, then they will not only be significantly impaired but they could also be liable for a drink-drive prosecution.

For safety, if the green crystals come even close to the line, Don't Drive.


Comparison of the different levels and their affect upon an individual

Map of European Drink Driving limits for normal Motorists. 

Note that in most European countries with a motoring level above 0.02%,
anyone driving in a commercial capacity will be prosecuted at this lower limit.