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Draeger Police 6510
Consider the Draeger Police 5820

Draeger Police 6510
Impressive design. Trustworthy technology.

Home Office Approved for use by UK Police.

When you are testing someone other than yourself, it's vital to ensure you use a device that is fit-for-purpose.  The Draeger 6510 may be the entry-level certified breathalyzer, but the Home Office Certification ensures not only accuracy but the ability to detect the difference between alcohol and substances such as keytones. 

It is also designed on the assumption that the person being tested does not necessarily want to give a full breath sample - unlike personal devices, that assume the person using it will do everything they can to ensure reliable and consistent breath samples (on the basis that they own the device themselves).  Typically, devices designed for testing yourself will over-read, sometimes substantially.   For a personal user testing themselves this is a good thing as it errs on the side of caution but when you are testing someone else this could easily lead to false accusations of impairment - unfair to the testee, and costly to you.

 The 6510 Police-Grade Fuel Cell chemical sensor  achieves accuracy, consistency and reliability on a totally different level. It doesn't just measure air pressure during sampling - it actually measures the volume - 1.7 litres - precisely.  It is this combination of Fuel Cell accuracy with volumetric measurement that enables it to pass the most stringent tests possible.

For anyone considering a breathalyzer for testing someone else consider this; is it really fair to those being tested to use a device that you know is not necessarily accurate, that may well over read, or give false readings from substances other than Alcohol? How much will it cost your organisation to send home an employee, commence disciplinary proceedings, (not to mention disruption to the day's business) only to find out that your £100 "consumer" type Breathalyzer was over-reading and in fact they were OK? See here for more details

The UK Police use the 6510 for good reason; it is the most cost-effective breathalyzer available that gives reliable results - without false positives, but ensuring the testee gives a full and genuine sample.

  • Menu buttons - easy to use menus with 14 different measurement settings
  • Test Memory - last 10 tests stored in memory for easy recall
  • Test Counter - to ensure on-time calibration (every 6 months or 500 tests)
  • Tough Housing - made from shockproof, damp proof
  • LCD Display - Plain text, back-lit display and audible signal.
  • Single OK button - for simple, intuitive operation
Technical Specification

Analytical principle

Electrochemical DraegerSensor in 1/4" technology for alcohol analysis

Measurement precision

Standard deviation ±0.008 mg/L or ±1.7 % of the measurement value. The higher value applies. Drift: typically < 0.6 % of the measurement value/month


approx. 6 s

Recovery time

approx. 6 s, at 0 mg/L, depending on ambient temperature

Quick menu

PIN protected: Last 10 tests, Last calibration date, measurement settings, total tests to date

Human interface

All measuring functions can be carried out with one key. Navigation in the menu via 2 menu buttons


approx. 140 mm x 70 mm x 30 mm / 5.5" x 2.8" x 1.2"


approx. 195 g / 0.5 lbs. incl. batteries

Package Contents

  • Draeeger 6510
  • 3 x mouthpieces
  • User's manual
  • Hard Case
  • 2 x 1.5v Duracell Battery
  • Wrist Strap

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