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Non-Certified Screening Kits
These should only be used when there is access available
to a certified device or blood test in the event of a positive test
AlcoSaber AlcoDigital Platinum AlcoDigital EON  Lifeloc FC20 Breathalyzer Kit 
AlcoDigital AlcoSaber AlcoDigital Platinum Screening Kit AlcoDigital EON Screening Kit Lifeloc FC20

This is a fantastic breathalyzer for rapid screening while acting as a great deterrent in the workplace. Its clear LED lights offer an instant warning if an evidential test is required. If the LED is green then the employee is free to go on with their day and you will be safe in the knowledge that your workplace is alcohol free.

The AlcoDigital Platinum is the first breathalyzer in the world to combine the accuracy and reliability of a fuel cell with an interchangeable cartridge that is easily exchanged by the user themselves. No downtime, no posting back to the lab - simply swap & go.

The AlcoDigital Platinum Screening Kit includes 100 mouthpieces and a spare sensor.

The AlcoDigital EON is a highly-upgraded professional breathalyzer for measuring alcohol in human breath. It is installed with a replaceable fuel cell sensor module. These sensors are at police grade accuracy. Test result can be storage on breathalyzer as well as printed out with the wireless EON printer.

The AlcoDigital EON Screening Kit includes a BlueTooth printer and 100 mouthpieces.

The FC20 Alcohol Testing Kit offers the Lifeloc FC20 Breathalyser paired with the convenience of the Lifeloc thermal printer, providing hard copy printouts of test data results.

Conveniently packaged in its own rugged carrying case, the FC20 Kit provides true portability and while not UK certified, in the USA it is a fully certified EBT in use with several Police forces.
All screening kits ship as standard with 100 additional mouthpieces
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What you should know before purchasing a non-certified device for use when testing someone else
When you are testing someone other than yourself, it's vital to ensure you use a device that is fit-for-purpose.  The Draeger 5510, as used by the UK Police, is in fact the entry-level certified breathalyzer in terms of price but the Home Office Certification ensures not only accuracy but the ability to detect the difference between alcohol and substances such as ketones. 

Screening kits such as these are designed to complement, not replace, the use of a properly designed and certified breathalyzer by enabling larger scale sampling of a wider number of people at a lower cost.  In the event the screener produces a positive test, that person would be re-tested on the certified device to confirm the actual impairment level before any action is taken.

Typically, devices designed for testing yourself will over-read, sometimes substantially.   For a personal user testing themselves this is a good thing as it errs on the side of caution but when you are testing someone else this could easily lead to false accusations of impairment - unfair to the testee, and costly to you.  This problem can only be eliminated by the use of an alternative testing method in the event of a positive test.

They are also designed on the assumption that the person being tested does not necessarily want to give a full breath sample - unlike personal devices, that assume the person using it will do everything they can to ensure reliable and consistent breath samples (on the basis that they own the device themselves) and as such will often not pickup lower levels of alcohol - which may still be over the 9µg zero-impairment limit and therefore affect the persons judgment and motor skills.