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Pre-Paid Laboratory Confirmation Kits - Sample, Seal, Send. Simple.
Legally defensible UKAS-Accredited Lab results, complying with ISO/IEC 17025:2005

These pre-paid Oral Fluid Laboratory Confirmation Kits enable the collection of Oral Fluid (Saliva) samples for laboratory analysis, following a positive result on oral fluid Drug Screening.

All Lab Fees are prepaid and each kit includes the full Chain of Custody Paperwork, User Instructions and the easy-to-use Collection Device.

Following Chain of Custody protocol, the kits are simple to use and quick to collect, with confirmation results available in 3 working days.

Legally defensible drug testing means you don't need to worry about the process of testing and can instead focus on making effective use of the results.

How many kits do I need?
Donor must be offered the choice of Collection Kits, therefore it is recommended that you hold 3 kits at any time - to ensure that should another test be required there is still a choice of kits available.

Pre Paid Confirmation Kit  (£ ex VAT)

Kit Contents: Collection Device & Dual Sample Transit tubes, Chain of Custody documentation, prepaid envelope & transit bag, user instructions.