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Drug Testing
AlcoDigital offer both the Police-Adopted, on-site Draeger DrugTest 5000 Digital Analyzer and the compact and quick saliva-based DrugCheck 3000. For objective accuracy, repeatable results and assured quality control the DrugTest 5000 offers the only device in the UK to be approved by the Home Office for use by the Police in the detection of THC in drivers and will provide test results for over 240 different prescription and banned substances.

Unique to AlcoDigital, the Lab-in-a-Bag combines Home Office certified Breathalyzer equipment, DrugTest 5000 & a mobile printer to provide a complete all-in-one "mobile lab" providing on the spot, objective results and hard copy printouts to back them up in court if necessary.

Our Pre-paid lab confirmation kits include everything required for collection of dual samples for UKAS-Certified lab testing.  They can be use independently of, or in conjunction with other screening methods and cost a single fee of £99 to include a full laboaratory test result.

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DrugTest 3000

Draeger DrugTest 5000

AlcoDigital Lab-in-a-Bag

Lab Confirmation Kits