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DrugCheck 3000

Simple. Safe. Sound.
The rapid drug test.

Drivers, employees or any other person who are under the influence of drugs not only put their own health at risk, but also increase the risk of accidents involving others or machinery. Regular and random tests at roadside checks, at work or during arrest lead to a safer environment and help you reduce the risk of substance abuse.

With the compact and quick saliva-based DrugCheck 3000 you can make reliable impairment checks on-site wherever you are: it is cost effective and does not require electricity.

The consumption of illegal drugs at the workplace can have far reaching and lasting consequences. If employees work in a plant while under the influence of drugs, accidents can occur and cause lower worker productivity. Possible safety risks multiply when drugs are added to different workplace scenarios. Especially vulnerable are remote operations, explosion protection regulated workplaces or workplaces with lack of infrastructure.

Available individually, in multi-packs or in bulk packs of 20. Used in conjunction with our Laboratory Confirmation Kits we offer the most cost-effective & comprehensive Saliva Drug Testing package available - ensuring the safety of your workforce at a low cost price.

Single DrugCheck 3000 Testkit
£ + VAT

Pack of 5 DrugCheck 3000 Testkits & 3 x Laboratory Confirmation Kits
£ + VAT

Box of 20 DrugCheck 3000 Testkits
£ + VAT

Box of 20 DrugCheck 3000 Testkits & 3 x Laboratory Confirmation Kits
£ + VAT

Onsite training (up to 8 people)
£ + VAT

Shelf Life & Contracted Supplies
When packs are supplied they have a minimum of 12 months shelf life.

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