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- the ultimate portable, on-site testing system for Drugs and Alcohol.

The Lab-in-a-Bag concept combines the Draeger DrugTest 5000 with either a 6820 or 7510 Breathalyzer and Mobile Printer to create a completely mobile test centre for both Drugs AND Alcohol.

Accurate and Reliable
Both Breathalyzers are UK Home Office Certified devices and the DrugTest 5000 has been approved for use by the UK Police in the detection of THC.  Both are made by Draeger so accuracy and reliability are ensured, they represent the very pinnacle of digital testing and screening equipment for use in the workplace. 

Objective Results - with fully Certified Training available.
The real difference with the lab-in-a-bag concept when compared to products like DrugWipe is the fact that unlike other systems and methods, the system is entirely objective. 

Results are displayed, both for the DrugTest 5000 and the Breathalyzers on integrated LCD graphic screens as well as hard-copy printouts from the mobile printer.  The subjectivity of reading bars, comparing colours etc (all of which requires experienced personnel to carry out) is removed and replaced with simple, factual and unambiguous "Pass" or "Fail" result. 

With Lab-in-a-Bag, any of your in-house staff can be tasked with carrying out the screening procedure, assured that cross-contamination issues are either minimised or eliminated and whatever results are obtained, there can be no dispute as to the readings found.  In the case of the Breathalyzer readings the AlcoTest 6820 and 7510 have both been tested in court and can be relied upon without further backup testing.

Confirmation Lab Analysis

The DrugTest5000 is highly accurate and rarely would the results be challenged, but in the event that the results of a DrugTest5000 test is disputed by the employee, a follow-lab test can be carried out.  The Draeger pre-paid confirmation kit is ideal for this purpose; it comes complete with full chain-of-custody instructions and pre-paid laboratory testing envelope; just sample, seal and send.  At just £99 for a kit containing a pair of duplicate testers it forms a very cost-effective means of obtaining laboratory-assured results.  The second test is held in reserve and can be re-tested by a lab of the employee's choice should they wish.

Low Running Costs - Alcohol Testing
With the exception of a bi-annual calibration check and mouthpieces there are no ongoing costs associated with the breathalyzers.  Mouthpieces are supplied hermetically sealed for hygiene purposes but may be used many times over by the same individual. 

Drug Screening from less than £20.50/test
A one off box of 20 x Six-Panel Drug test kits costs £ and comes with a shelf life of 12 months. We have test plans available for those performing more than 40 tests every 3 months. Depending on the quantity of test kits you require with a test plan, cost of the test kits will be from £31 per test kit to as little as £20.50. We also deliver and invoice quarterly making sure you are not holding stock with a short shelf life.

Standard or Alpha Kit?
The standard Lab-in-a-Bag kit costs £ and uses a Draeger 6820 breathalyzer which records the time and date of test along with test results for up to 5000 tests, all of which can be downloaded to a PC with the included AlcoView Software and USB Cable, for an extra cost. Mobile printing is included as standard to ensure a hard copy can be produced and certified on-site during testing.

The Lab-in-a-Bag Alpha kit at £ includes a keyboard and the Draeger 7510 Breathalyzer; this allows for full data entry of information such as the name of the person being tested, the person supervising the test and data such as staff numbers etc.  All this information can be printed onto the hard copy result and also recorded for download to a PC should it be required.

DrugTest 5000


AlcoTest 7510
(included with Lab-in-a-Bag Alpha)

Comparison, Specification & Contents

  Standard Alpha

Price, exc VAT:

£ £
Home Office Certified Draeger AlcoTest Breathalyzer 6820 7510
Draeger DrugTest 5000 Digital Drug Analyzer
Mobile Printer
AlcoView Software
USB Data Cable
Time & Date recording
Data Storage - number of tests 5000 5000+
Data Download to PC
Alcohol Measurement Range ( 0-250 0-300
Full 6-Panel Test facility (Cocaine, Amphetamine, Cannabis/THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), Heroin, Methamphetamine & Phencyclidine
Lab-in-a-Bag Carry case
Alphanumeric Data Entry (Tester name, employee No. etc)
RF Isolation to FAA Class 6
GPS Locator Option
Mouth Alcohol Detection
AlphaNumeric Keyboard


AlcoTest 7510

DrugTest 5000

Oral Drug Tests

AlcoTest 6810

Mobile Printer



£ ex VAT

To order, please call us on
0208 454 7372


£ ex VAT

To order, please call us on
0208 454 7372

Product Video

Independent accuracy comparison with alternative methods*

Comparison of Minimum Detection ("Cutoff") Levels in ng/ml*
(The smaller the value, the more sensitive the test) DrugTest 5000 Drugwipe-5 RapidSTAT
THC (Cannabis) 5 30 15
Cocaine (Coke, Crack) 20 50 12
Morphine (Opiates) 20 20 20
MDMA (Ecstasy) 75 100 50
Amphetamine (Speed) 50 100 25

*Comparison Data extracted from an independant report complied by S.M.R. Wille, et al., Evaluation of on-site oral fluid screening
   using Drugwipe-5+1, RapidSTAT1 and Drug Test 50001 for the detection of drugs of abuse in drivers, Forensic Sci. Int. (2009)