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Draeger Interlock 5000
Safety and Reliability

The Interlock 5000 is E1-marked and complies with all requirements of the European standard EN 50436-2. The electrochemical sensor of the Interlock 5000 specifically measures alcohol, which ensures that other exhaled substances do not distort the measurement results. This precise sensor technology is also used in breath alcohol measuring devices used by the police.

Operation and Design

Operation is supported by a large display and therefore simple and intuitive. The mouthpiece is attached to the back of the handset therefore it is not immediately recognisable as alcohol ignition interlock. The mouthpiece can easily be replaced, and is hygienic and biodegradable.

Data Storage and Protection

The device stores all relevant data in the control unit. The data can be downloaded via an infrared interface and then be analysed. The data is protected with special encryption methods.

The Draeger Interlock 5000 is an alcohol measuring instrument with vehicle immobiliser. After a simple breath alcohol measurement it ensures a safe start in road traffic. The alcohol interlock measures the alcohol concentration in the breath of the driver and releases the engine only if the breath test was passed.

Whether you are buying for personal use, a loved one, or employees this device is perfect for improving driver safety from the risks of drink-driving and the uncertainty of the morning after residual alcohol.

Technical Specifications

Temperature compatibility range:
-45°C to 85°C

Calibration required:
Every 12 months

Start up time:
15 seconds

Weight of handset:
Approx. 168g

Weight of control unit:
Approx. 468g

Dimensions of handset:
138mm x 61mm x 36mm

Power Supply:
12v to 24v

Power consumption:
<2A max. < 1mA on standby

General German Operating Permission. EN 50436-2.2013. E1 Mark. ECE regulation No.10. Directive (EC) No. 661/2009

£ + VAT

To purchase an interlock 5000 we need to arrange a few things with you first. Please call our sales team on 0208 454 7372.

The fitting of the interlock is not included in the price. This needs to be arranged by yourself, with the help of our team. A local mechanic specialising in car alarms and immobilisers are usually capable of fitting the device. Costs range from £90 to £200 depending on the mechanic and car.

Included in the price is all the personal settings you require. We will send out one of our technicians to configure the device to your needs.

Testimonial from our first customer of the Interlock 5000

"Having attended a drink awareness course I decided to contact Alcodigital and consider a breathalyser unit in order to ensure that I was always safe and able to drive my vehicle without the concern of any residual alcohol within my system. One of my main concerns was the morning after the night before as I wanted a system that would be automatic and allow me to know at all times that I was not driving whilst over the legal alcohol limit and as such ensuring the safety of my family and others on the road. I saw on the Alcodigital site a Drager unit and decided to investigate this further and with the help of Alcodigital finally found a new unit that could be installed in my vehicle. This unit is connected to the vehicle and a breath test must be given prior to starting the ignition. If the unit detects alcohol over the limit the ignition will not start until a specimen of breath is provided that is under the limit. I am so pleased that I invested in this technology as it provides me with the security and knowledge that I am within the legal limits when driving at all times."

Henry Charteris

Testimonial from a purchase made for a loved one

"The peace of mind the Draeger vehicle interlock has given to us as a family has been invaluable. Having a family member who has been previously banned for driving under the influence of alcohol , the interlock has taken away all the worry and danger of the possibility of this happening again. Also the interlock has also enabled the family member the freedom of a car but without the risk of ever being able to drink drive. It is both discreet and easy to use. We couldn't recommend this more highly."