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Breathalyzer Calibration

What do I do now?

Step 1. If you know what type of device you have, select the calibration service you require from the buttons below, and once you've completed the checkout process print a copy of the invoice. If you're not sure what device you have, use our photo-flip selector below to find your breathalyzer. Click on the picture and it will automatically select the right service for your device.

Step 2. Package your breathalyzer up carefully (we'd suggest some bubble wrap & padded envelope at a minimum; if you have the original packaging, better still). Don't forget to include a copy of your invoice with your breathalyzer - you'd be amazed how many turn up each month with nothing at all to tell us who they belong to! We would also suggest an insured delivery method; we recommend special delivery, that will cover your device for up to £500 should it go missing. Please note, the office does not open before 9am.

Step 3. Send it to this address:
Danhill Estate, Coolham Road, West Chiltington, West Sussex RH20 2LH
(Please note that due to planning restrictions we cannot receive personal callers at this address)

*Please note you are responsible for the cost of shipping to us - if it's high value, we recommend you use a registered/signed for service.

£ inc VAT

£ inc VAT

£ inc VAT

£ inc VAT

£ inc VAT

ALL breathalyzers should be calibrated at least once a year; those used for testing someone else (for example employee screening) should be checked every six months. For more information on when and why your breathalyzer may need calibrating click here.

How long does it take? To keep costs to a minimum, we carry out calibrations in batches approximately twice a week; on average it will take 4-5 working days to receive your device back after calibration.

What happens if my unit fails its calibration? All alcohol testers have a finite lifespan. Looking after them with regular calibration servicing on an annual basis helps extend the sensor accuracy, however there will be a point at which the unit stops holding the calibration settings and is deemed a calibration failure.

Unfortunately sometimes the only time this is established is when the unit has been sent into us, and is in the workshop undergoing its servicing. If this is the case, we will always contact you to check how you would like to proceed, and take all steps necessary to ensure a happy outcome – including offering a discount towards a replacement unit!

Replaceable Sensor Device? (AL6000, AL7000, AlcoDigital Platinum) If you have a device that uses a replaceable sensor, the cost of the replacement sensor is included in the calibration service. Alternatively you can fit the new sensor yourself (to purchase, click here) but if we service it for you we will also check the device after fitment for accurate and correct operation.

Need it back quickly? If you have a certified device which is constantly in use, select the Pro-Express service. We will calibrate your device individually as soon as it arrives and provided it arrives with us before 1pm, will return the device on a same-day basis. So if you use Royal Mail Special Delivery, you can have the breathalyzer back within 2 days of returning it to us (eg. send it Monday afternoon, you'll have it back by 1pm on Wednesday). Please note, the office does not open before 9am.

Want us to collect your Professional Breathalyzer? If you want us to take all the hassle out of the process we can offer you our Collect & Return, All Inclusive service. Just book your calibration online or call us on 0208 454 7372 and our couriers will collect your breathalyzer from your door. We'll calibrate it within 48 hours of receiving it and have it back to you the next day.

If you are not sure what type of device you have, hover your mouse over the photos below, or call us on 0208 454 7372.