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Fake Breathalyzers - THE TRUTH.

Fake Breathalyzers
Genuine Police Breathalyzers

In the past 6 months there has been a huge increase in the number of cheap Chinese novelty alcohol testers being sold as actual Breathalyzers - worse still, they've been advertised as "Police Breathalyzers", "Professional Breathalyzers" and referred to as "highly accurate" with "hi-tech sensors" and similar references.

These claims are completely false!


UK Police Breathalysers have to be certified by the Home Office and cost upwards of £800; these toys are being sold on Amazon, Ebay and similar market-place based websites for as little as £12.50 - to an unsuspecting public who have no idea that the claims of "Police" and "Professional" are totally false and misleading.

Police Breathalyzer

These devices have been tested by several laboratories including our own workshops . They give random readings that can be anything from a fraction of the true alcohol levels (in some cases zero, when the level should have been above the UK limit) to positive readings from fresh air; and the "readings" they give are completely meaningless.

Featured on BBC - Fake Britain, 26th November 2015
These same devices were featured on Fake Britain where they were tested by Lion, an accredited UK Police laboratory, and found to be "useless - and potentially dangerous".

What are AlcoDigital doing?
AlcoDigital have already placed formal complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority but the vast majority of these are being sold by Chinese-based companies that are extremely difficult to track down - and even if one is identified, they simply close down and start up again under another name.

What should customers do?
If you've bought one of these and want to use it for anything other than a novelty toy, SEND IT BACK. It is "Not fit for Purpose" under the Trade Descriptions Act and is not a "Police Breathalyzer" - therefore you should be due a full refund under the law.

What about the Breathalyzers that AlcoDigital sell?
We NEVER claim a Breathalyzer is a Certified Police Breathalyzer unless it holds a UK Home Office Approval as such - and our Police Breathalyzers range from £800 to £2000.

Our Personal Digital Breathalyzers are all extensively tested in our own laboratories and their accuracy is clearly stated on each listing; this accuracy is guaranteed by the manufacturers and in many cases they have a range of approvals including the US DoT standards. Unfortunately there are no UK accuracy standards for personal breathalyzers but as the UK's leading supplier and having been in the Breathalyzer business since 2002 we uphold the highest standards with every product we sell - and we don't hide behind Chinese firewalls and box addresses!