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scottish drink drive limitscottish drink drive limitScottish Police say don't Drink & Drive.  We Agree.
But what about "the Morning After"?     With the new Scottish limit, just 2 pints & an early start could see you in Jail.

With the new Scottish Drink Driving limit almost half what it used to be (and still is in England & Wales) most people who are out and drinking won't be driving home.  Or they'll stay at home instead, where they can party without being worried about the drive back.

But what about the next morning? 

Even under the old limits almost 1 in 5 Drink Driving Convictions were the result of drivers stopped "the morning after"; with the new limit this figure is likely to rise considerably - unless everyone simply doesn't drink at all for at least 24 hours before driving.  Unlikely.

So what CAN you do to make sure you are OK to drive before you set off in the morning?

There are essentially four choices:

          1. Give up drinking altogether - or at least leave at least 12 hours after drinking more than a couple of pints.
          2. Use a Digital Breathalyser to measure your alcohol level (but at just 50mg/l, make sure it's accurate enough - see below)
          3. Use an AlcoDigital Scottish Disposable Breathalyser to check before you go.  If the colour changes - Don't Drive.
   4. Just take a chance and guess. (not recommended!)

There are many who are quite happy to simply not drink at all - but they're probably not reading this article.   And there's nothing wrong with a few drinks so long as you're not still impaired when you get behind the wheel of a car - but without a breathalyser, at the new lower Scottish Limit it's very difficult to just guess when you're fit to drive.  The Daily Mail recently did a test with five different women using and AlcoDigital Platinum to check their actual levels - and it proved once and for all that it's impossible to simply count units and then expect your liver to metabolise the alcohol at a set rate.  Everyone is different, and most people vary from day to day.

OK - you've decided a Breathalyzer is a good idea, but how do you decide what to buy?

Disposables are cheap (just £1.99 each) and simple to use - but they won't give you an accurate "reading" as such. To actually measure the level of alcohol in your body you need a Digital Breathalyser - which come with two different types of sensors - Semi-conductors (cheap, but not that accurate) and Fuel Cells (the same as the Police use). 

Recommended Breathalysers for Scotland

Scottish Single Use Breathalyzers

Specially designed for Scotland and the new lower Limit of 50mg/l. 
Unlike some disposables with multiple lines for different limits, this has ONE - the
Scottish one.
Single Breathalyser - just £
(Free Shipping)
Retail Drum of 25 - just £
(Free Shipping)

AlcoHawk Pro (Accuracy ±0.015%)
While this is still a Semi-Conductor breathalyser it was good enough to come in 2nd Place in the What Car Breathalyser test, beating every other semi-conductor and only being beaten by the legendary AlcoDigital 3000 Fuel Cell
Was £129.95 - now only £

AlcoDigital Platinum (Accuracy ±0.005%)
This may be the entry-level Fuel Cell breathalyser but it is also a ground-breaking device, being the first in the World to have a user-replaceable Fuel Cell cartridge. Instead of returning the unit for calibration each year, just click out, click in and go.

AlcoDigital LifeGuard (Accuracy ±0.005%)
Made for AlcoDigital by Lifeloc, one of the largest suppliers to US Police Forces this is their premier Personal Fuel Cell Breathalyser with a wealth of features including a graphical display of the most recent tests and uses their latest 12mm Platinum Fuel Cell. £

AlcoDigital 3000 (Accuracy ±0.002%)
Outright Winner of the What Car Breathalyser test, this is simply the best Personal Breathalyser you can buy. Made by Draeger, it is technically identical to the Draeger 6510 unit that is in current use with many of the Scottish Police. If you want your own personal Police Breathalyser - this is it. £
Disposable Breathalysers
- how do they work?

The tubes are supplied with a bag which the user inflates with a single breath.  They then connect the tube, and expel the air from the bag through the tube.  After 2 minutes, they can read the result by looking at whether the green colouration has passed the line:

Accuracy of  the results
The kits are accurate enough to pass French Government testing, but making a judgement about exactly how down the tube the crystals have changed colour should be done with caution.

If ANY of the crystals change colour,
then there IS alcohol in your blood; for safety we would therefore recommend that
if in doubt, DO NOT DRIVE.


Digital Breathalysers - just how accurate are they?

A typical £60 Semi-Conductor Breathalyser is accurate to within +/- 0.02%. That sounds REALLY accurate, doesn't it?  But what it actually means is that if the breathalyser displays a reading of 0.04%, then your real body alcohol level I be as little as 0.02%.... but it could also be as high as 0.06%.   And OVER the new Scottish limit of 0.05%.  In otherwords, the result could be out by as much as 50% either way.  Not quite what you thought it meant?  Probably not; you thought you were OK - in fact you're not.

A Personal Fuel Cell Breathalyser will be at least four times more accurate - to within +/- 0.005% (All AlcoDigital-branded Breathalysers are at least as good as this).  Fuel Cell Sensors are always used in Police Breathalysers and give much more accurate and consistent results than semi-conductors.  So if you see a reading of 0.04% on your Fuel Cell Breathalyser, you know that the actual level of alcohol in your body is between 0.035% and 0.045% - a difference of just over 10% either way.  Better?

Police Breathalysers work on the same principle but they simply use bigger, more sophisticated fuel cells  and typical accuarcy from a Police Breathalyser would be as little as +/- 0.002% -  but they cost a lot more - around £800+.  The exception is the AlcoDigital 3000 - Outright Winner of the What Car Breathalyser test, it's the only personal breathalyser available in the UK today that actually uses the exact same sensor/technology as a current UK Police Breathalyser - the Draeger 6510.  It's not cheap compared with a semiconductor from one of the high street stores, but it IS the best you can get and for many people well worth the peace of mind - considering the cost of losing your licence.